As a company and part of the community, we believe it is necessary to provide any appropriate precautionary measures aimed at limiting the risk exposure existing for our employees, their families and the staff of corporate customers and suppliers, thus contributing to the slowdown of the epidemic going on. But we don't leave you alone. We are still working hard in full compliance with all the rules to fulfill your orders as soon as possible.

Think green

Silikomart “think green”!

Silikomart do care a lot about the world and the environment where we live in, that is why we want to promote our “green thinking”. We really work hard protecting the environment where we live, starting from the territory in which we operate and the resources we use. Our company policy aims to reduce energy consumption and wastes and gives special attention to environmental resources. We avail ourselves of renewable energy and we select carefully our suppliers, choosing only those who share our “think green” mission. So we share with you our commitment for a more sustainable future.

SILIKOMART S.R.L, Via Tagliamento 78, 30030 Pianiga (VENEZIA), Italy
Capitale sociale Euro 30.000,00 i.v.
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