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Yule Logs

In this section you will find a complete range of innovative kits, moulds and mats to give a precious touch to your ice cream or semifreddo logs not only at Christmas time.

22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)

It has never been so easy.

There are different ways, ingredients and techniques to give shape to the famous “Bûche de Noël”, in Italy better known as Christmas log. It is easy, fast and fun to create the tasty Christmas cake with the silicone forms and moulds. In this section you will find all the kits, mets and forms to create this tasty cake, stuffed as you want, with jam, ganache chocolate or coffee cream and covered by glaze. You will be surprised by the details and veinings that you can obtainWith the forms of this typical French cake perfect for parties and anniversaries. Not just during Christmas but also in summer your log can make envy. Have you ever tried to do a savoury log?

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Give a unique and elegant shape to your sweet and sour recipes: silicone multiform moulds, baking tray and silicone mets, accessories and complete kitchen kits to realize and decorate cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, muffins, cupcakes, cake design, chocolates, ice-pops and ice-creams. Cooking has never been so easy, fast and fun. All the silicone moulds are non-stick, resistant, space saving, washable in the dishwasher, resistant to the higher and lower temperatures (from 60°C/-76°F to +230°C/446°F) and suitable both for the oven cooking and the microwavw cooking and for the use in the freezer. Thousands of possibilities for your limitless creativity.