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In this section you will find a wide range of silicone lids of various sizes, designed to maintain the freshness of your savory recipes and make your life easier in the kitchen.

40 Item(s)

40 Item(s)

For your creativity in the kitchen and much more.

Elastic and washable in the CAPFLEX dishwasher is the eco-friendly option to the transparent film. Realized in food silicone and avaiable in the diametres of 40, 55, 80 and 105 mm, this practical, transparent and silicone top is ideal to preserve bowls and containers vacuum-seal and to preserve thr freshness and the tatse of your foods and beverages. Preserve in an appropriate way food is important, that’s why Silikomart has conceived UFO: a range of colourful, universal, silicone tops, perfect to cover and preserve food vacuum-sealed. Tired of having one top each container? With COVERFLEX you will solve all your problems! Give a unique and elegant shape to your sweet and sour recipes: silicone multiform moulds, baking tray and silicone mets, accessories and complete kitchen kits to realize and decorate cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, muffins, cupcakes, cake design, chocolates, ice-pops and ice-creams. Cooking has never been so easy, fast and fun. All the silicone moulds are non-stick, resistant, space saving, washable in the dishwasher, resistant to the higher and lower temperatures (from 60°C/-76°F to +230°C/446°F) and suitable both for the oven cooking and the microwave cooking and for the use in the freezer. Thousands of possibilities for your limitless creativity.

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